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Muslim Marriage App

We understand you want to find a family compatible with you, start a new family, live a prosperous and successful life, all while preserving your values. On other Muslim Marriage apps/sites you find plenty of people, but they're either not serious about marriage, or they don't align with your worldview. We're here to change that! We've carefully designed and developed Muslim Marriage App to stick to Islamic principles and to only accept QUALITY people who are serious about marriage!

Our Philosophy

What makes us different from all the other "halal" marriage apps/sites is our philosophy of courting not dating.

Courting is to dating as cold is to hot. They are on completely different sides of the relationship equation. One has a very specific end from the beginning and the other has no clear purpose or intention. To use another analogy, dating is like a comma, whereas courting is like a period. This means that dating presents a man and woman with a number of potential ends to their relationship, whereas courting has only one: marriage.

Courtship is not just an act, it is a philosophy.

This philosophy believes three things:
1. Parents should be involved in their children's relationships,
2. Any relationship worth having will result in marriage,
3. [Intimacy] is a privilege for those who are married.

Obviously, these three concepts make courting unpopular with mainstream society who seek to make their own decisions without input from parents, who do not believe that relationships have to result in marriage, and who believe [intimacy] is just a recreational activity. Dating is society's answer to a dislike of courting. Dating is popularized in the film industry... Dating people view the relationship through a temporal lens. The future is often not discussed and, if it is discussed, an argument usually results... it is pointless to act like you are married if you do not plan to get married. Dating is getting the milk without buying the cow. Dating relationships are started without any consultation from parents. Often, this is a tactic used because the man or woman knows their parents would not approve of the other person. Courting integrates parents into the very core of a relationship. From the moment the man and woman decide to move toward a relationship, the parents are brought into the picture and allowed to give their opinions. If parents disagree with the relationship, the relationship cannot proceed... This is a key difference between dating and courting. Courting acknowledges that when you are in "like'' with someone, you will often overlook the flaws that will destroy a marriage relationship. Your parents, on the other hand, are sober and unmoved by "physical attractiveness". We all put our best foot forward when trying to win someone's affections. Parents can see right through it and get down to business. Another benefit of courting and parental involvement is that once your parent approves of the person, they can be a staying force in your relationship.

Key Features of Our Platform

Family Webcam/Mobile Phone Video Verification

We require family verification. This way we give our community peace of mind knowing they are connecting with like-minded families. A family member such as a parent, grandparent, uncle, guardian etc. must record a 10-15 second video expressing their knowledge and involvement with a profile registration. This family member should ideally be the wali/wakil/patriarch/head of family. All verification videos are only visible to our trusted admins and are deleted immediately upon verifying a profile.

Notifications To Male Profiles When They Are Viewed By Female Profiles

After Musa عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ helped two women water their animals, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ mentions in The Glorious Quran "Then one of the two women came to him, walking bashfully. She said, 'My father is inviting you so he may reward you for watering ˹our animals˺ for us'".

Following the Quranic guidance, we developed our notification system to allow female profiles to approach bashfully, and to encourage male profiles to initiate any further correspondence.

Secure Chat And Video Calling

You never have to share any personal information like phone number or email! Get to know a family all through our platform until you've developed a trust.

Profiles Filtered by Distance

We genuinely want you to get married and our platform tries to accomplish this in the most practical way possible. That is why we filter profiles by general distance to you. You are also able to see profiles of the same ethnicity/background as you.

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